Inspired by nature, for nature.


     Thank you for visiting Creative Essence. My name is Jacob Anderson and I have a strong passion for crafting unique products inspired by the natural world that can be treasured by fellow nature lovers of all ages.

"Creations with a cause."

     I am grateful for each and every opportunity to share my work with the world! What inspires me even more is the ability to pass on support to teams of individuals working on the leading edge of environmental protection and conservation. I am both humbled and blessed in being able to contribute my time and resources to environmental programs far and wide. Each year 15% of all profits made by this site are donated to programs that help to manage various conservation efforts from ocean clean ups to rainforest preservations. Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to create a better world for us all.
Do you operate an environmental program? Let's collaborate!
Email me at Together we can make a difference.

 Thanks again for visiting and your support!