Hi everyone! My name is Jacob Anderson and I'd like to thank you for visiting Creative Essence. From an early age I've had a strong admiration of the natural world and the awesome creatures we share this planet with. My early days of illustrating comprised mostly of various landscapes and the critters that inhabit them. Today I've continued my passion into the graphic arts and combined this with my love of the natural world. Now I'm able to share a piece of it with you!

"Art with a cause."

     Sharing my creative work with you is truly a dream come true. What inspires me even more is the opportunity to pass the support on to the individuals on the forefront of environmental protection and conservation. I take great pride in contributing my time and resources to environmental programs from the local to international level. Each year 3% of profits are donated and I volunteer as much time as possible with programs in my area. Additionally, I enjoy sharing educational information and pressing news involving our natural world via social media and the email newsletter.

Thanks again for visiting and your support!




Do you operate an environmental program? Let's collaborate!

Email me at contact@creativeessence.art. Together we can make a difference, together we can #protectthisplanet.